The Seacoast Advantage

A critical advantage for Seacoast Carbon Solutions is the team that Seacoast Carbon Solutions has built with Andrew Grant as our VP of Projects. Andrew is an expert on the design and performance of biomass power facilities, including biomass boilers and gasifiers, and has provided environmental impact and cost studies for coal and biomass conversion technologies, performed due diligence studies of technologies of facilities, and advised major corporations in these areas. Hugh McLaughlin, Ph.D., works with Seacoast Carbon Solutions as an Advisor.

burning wood

Hugh who is a chemical engineer and well-respected expert on biochar quality and carbon-based materials production in general and is the author of numerous popular and scholarly papers on biochar. Hugh is one of only a handful of experts in the world who fully understands the production technologies, applications, and marketplace for biochar.

Seacoast Carbon Solutions is utilizing the Airburner technology with modifications from our engineering team to produce high quality biochar from waste wood streams. The Airburner is a simple technology already deployed around the globe that is easy to operate and with modification can produce very high-quality biochar. The mature technology, proven over many years of testing, refinement, use, and independent review is low cost and compact, allowing the company to deploy quickly wherever there exists a willing market and abundant, dedicated biomass waste streams. The machine will be the first technology, proven to produce an ‘A’ grade material at commercial volumes.

Seacoast Carbon Solutions has a triple bottom line producing revenue from tipping fees for wood waste that would otherwise be destined for landfills, biochar sales, and carbon credits for CO2 sequestered in our biochar.